Amanda Johnson Gallery

Amanda Johnson Gallery

Amanda Johnson Gallery
518 Fleming Street, Key West, FL. 33040

Amanda Johnson was born in Northern Wisconsin. She graduated in 2005 from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a degree in fine arts. She has lived and studied in New York City, Paris, Prague and India where she has gained inspiration and techniques that she has incorporated into her various paintings and murals.

However, not being one to imitate painting techniques put down in text book, the foundation of her work shows an immense spirit of creativity and expression that is uniquely her own. She considers her abstract work to be realist paintings of an abstract subject matter, with a foundation from traditional to conceptual in nature. They are rich in texture and depth. Worked on over several weeks and months, her process is pure emotional expression that sometimes only during the final stages does a painting begin to reveal its form and theme.

In 2008, she trained with renowned realist painters from the Arts Students League in NY and the Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Arts in Chicago. She began experimenting with the chiaroscuro technique, an art form dating back to the Renaissance that focused on the expression of light and shadow.

Amanda held her first solo exhibition at the Palette & Chisel in February of 2009, which synthesized her training as a contemporary artist and traditional.

Amanda currently resides and works in Key West. She has taught oil painting at the Florida Keys Community College, she routinely paints in her studio and en plein air (outdoor/on sight painting). In 2012 She opened Amanda Johnson Gallery in the historical Old Town district of Key West.

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