Art On Duval Key West

Art On Duval Key West

Art On Duval Key West,
714 Duval St, Key West, FL 33040

Art On Duval A Procaccini Gallery
Key West Photo/Artist and Gallery Owner 

As a student of photography, then shooting and developing black and white film, I along with the rest of the world became a huge fan and a study of the famous Photographer Ansel Adams. The transition to full-color photography was destined for me as our family began to vacation more consistently in the Florida Keys and Key West. The ever-changing colors of the ocean, based on the time of day, time of year, and weather conditions, fascinated me. 

My appreciation for art expanded as I met artists from all over the world that had the ability to take a body of water, a landscape, or a seascape, and stop time in their own way by putting that moment onto the canvas with brush and paint.  

Twenty years passed making Key West one of my favorite winter destinations seeking blue skies, torques oceans, and swaying palms. With all the wonderful island destinations from the Caribbean to the top of a volcano on the island of Maui, it was the complete atmosphere of Key West that called me the most. 

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