Backyards of Key West Gallery

Backyards of Key West Gallery

Backyards of Key West Gallery
291 Front St, Suite 115
Key West, FL 33040
(entrance by the Aquarium)
(305) 680-0513

As an artist at the Backyards of Key West Gallery, I have a unique story that led me to pursue my passion for art. Before I became an artist, I used to run a Marketing and Consulting company, where I advised my clients to create micro-businesses around their passion. Despite giving them the tools and strategies to succeed, many of them made excuses for why it wouldn't work for them. I decided to become a test subject for my own advice and create a micro-business around my passion.

I started by creating social media accounts for Backyards of Key West and posting pictures of Key West homes. I then created a local podcast and spent a year building my audience. From there, I began photographing Key West's landmarks, beaches, and homes, digitally painting over them with a stylist, and selling my artwork online.

After running my art business successfully for six months, I decided to take things to the next level. I purchased my printing equipment, opened up a retail gallery near Duval Street, fired all of my clients, and transitioned into becoming a full-time artist.

My journey into the world of art has been a transformative experience. The creative process has allowed me to express my passion and tell stories about the beauty of Key West. I love that my artwork can bring joy to people's lives and help them create lasting memories of their time in Key West.

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