Dog Tired Studio Key West Art Gallery

Dog Tired Studio - Sean P. Callahan

Dog Tired Studio 
1011 Whitehead, Key West FL 33040.
Phone : (802)989-5910,
or by cell (802)989-5910

The gallery features the work of Sean P. Callahan. He is an award-winning watercolorist who’s well-known for his pet portraiture,
acrylic and watercolor collages, and indoor and outdoor murals.
You can find his work on his website:, Facebook: Dog Tired Studio and Gallery, Instagram: dogtiredstudio
Sean’s pet portraits are arresting for animal and art lovers. Commissioning a
portrait of your pet or the pet of a loved one is a gift of a lifetime, sure to bring a
smile or a tear, but always, heartfelt emotion. Drop by to see examples of pets
including dogs, cats, birds, well, the list is endless, and discuss the process with
Sean to capture your own memory of those important animals in your life.
Sean is a talented watercolor teacher, bringing out the best in an experienced
painter and introducing a beginner to the basics. Breaking down watercolor into
easy-to-understand pieces, his classes are relaxed and entertaining. Sean
explains, “ Watercolor should be fun and enjoyable for the student. I strive to
give the right instruction and direction so each class or lesson is a great
experience for me and my student. Feel free to contact him at 

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