Gallery On Greene - Key West Art Gallery

Gallery On Greene - Key West Art Gallery

Gallery On Greene - Key west Art Gallery
606 Greene St, Key West, FL 33040
Phone: (305) 294-1669

As the public becomes more sophisticated, homeowners are increasingly interested in creating a comfortable and stylish home environment. Quality, beauty, technology, and investment are all factors to consider when furnishing and decorating your home.

As part of its long history of fostering curatorial and artistic practice, The Gallery on Greene has maintained close partnerships with many renowned art institutions in New York and the National Museum of Fine Art in Havana. With a range of ambitious exhibition programs, the gallery continues to be committed to inspiring creative expression and showcasing unique artwork. Our philosophy: The style pendulum swung away from overly furnished and cluttered interiors some time ago. The immediate reaction was one of clinical simplicity. We are now experiencing a hugely exciting period where key pieces of fine art or antiques are used to a stunning effect within contemporary interiors. This juxtaposition makes for an emerging sophisticated style, next to no other.

Now we can appreciate the best of both worlds.

Quality, beauty, technology and investment are all factors to consider when furnishing and decorating your home. People want to have a space that expresses their personality and meets their desired aesthetic preferences.
The Gallery on Greene is ideally positioned to advise on the acquisition of such integral items to enhance your living space and daily lives.

Our expert services are perfectly suited to those clients building a collection.

Collections normally evolve, in that they are augmented as opportunities arise while lesser items are occasionally sold to fund the acquisition of better items. Our reputation ensures that we hear of important, collectable pieces for sale long before they reach the open market.
With a history of curatorial and public gallery work, art dealing and publishing, Nance Frank has been an incredible asset in the art world. She founded several organizations such as Monroe Council for the Arts, Florida Keys & Key West Gallery Associations, The Florida Keys Community Foundation, and Monroe County’s Public Art Board. Her notable contributions include projects with Mario Sanchez and Jeff MacNelly as well as her tenure as President of the Florida Keys Gallery Association. Nance Frank is an invaluable advocate for artistic expression throughout the world! She has curated or organized five exhibits of Mario Sanchez works with catalogs for his exhibit presented by The American Folk Art Museum & The Museum of the City of New York and exhibit at Cuba's National Museum, Bellas Artes in 2014. Her lifetime ties to Cuba and proficiency in Spanish have combined to build relationships with the most sought-after artists on that island as well. In 2015 she curated the first bi-national exhibit with Tennessee Williams at MNBA in Cuba along with curatorial staff from MNBA, Cuba's National Library, and National Theater.

During an illustrious nine-year sailing career, she made history by leading the first team of women in the Newport-Bermuda Race, Fastnet, Annapolis-Newport Race and Whitbread Round the World Race. This marked the debut of an American all-women's team in this renowned global race.

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