Gallery Uno Key West Art Gallery

Gallery Uno Key West

Gallery Uno Key West
Key West, Florida 33040

The Gallery Uno Key West features the work of Alberto DeAndrea. Influenced by the craft of Renaissance Masters and inspired by the hues of impressionism, his landscapes are almost unsettling in their tranquility. Explore his gallery of original and print paintings. Photography has become his second profession after painting. His collection features dramatic black & white images as well as stunning color photographs.

Alberto was educated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy, and the School of Fine Arts in Basel, Switzerland, culminating in the completion of a Master’s degree in Art and Painting. He has since participated in numerous art shows throughout Europe and the United States. Recognition of his talent, via numerous gallery invitations, juried exhibitions and awards has followed the talented artist throughout his career.

By integrating a palette of vibrant colors, with textures reminiscent of old masters, Alberto DeAndrea is able to create an emotional, sensuous experience which extends beyond the boundaries of traditional paintings. DeAndrea takes advantage of the unique light present in Key West and couples it with the magnificent architecture to bring to life images with deeply enriched aesthetic visuals.

“I am drawn toward the surrounding ocean and gulf where their waters provide a lighting condition that is filled with remarkable nature that I have not seen anywhere else in the world. It brings great depth to the subtle colors of the buildings.”

Alberto has made his home for the past 20 years in Key West, Florida, where he is always painting or photographing the beautiful scene of the Florida Keys.
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