SeaSister Island Gallery Key West Art Gallery

SeaSister Island Gallery

SeaSister Island Gallery
Key West Art Gallery
Phone: 954-232-7248
Address: 303 Duval St, Key West, FL 33040

I am delighted to announce the opening of “SeaSister Island Gallery” my new boutique Art Gallery in the heart of Key West’s diversely celebrated 300 Block of Duval Street! This fascinating Island City of the Florida Keys is the United
States’ southernmost point and roughly 90 miles North of Cuba. It is famed for its pastel-hued Victorian and Conch style architecture, laid-back attitude, musically spirited culture, the captivating natural beauty of its coral reefs, and the extraordinary character and diversity of the people and its surroundings.
I am honored to call this charming Island home for over 45 years and to have become part of its cultural fabric. You’ll find local & international artists from around the Globe at SeaSister Island Art Gallery. We specialize in high-end
contemporary, visual art, offering you world-class artist's creations from original oils, watercolors, photography, bronze & steel sculptures to salvaged historical island Folk Art from restored shutters for our unique Collectors. I invite you to join us in celebration of this very special occasion and to thank my
esteemed collectors and friends for your devoted and dedicated patronage throughout the years.

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