Shade Ceramics and Shutter Photography Key West

Shade Ceramics and Shutter Photography

1102 White Street, Key West, FL 33040

Shade Ceramics and Shutter Photography

Although our presence in Key West seems natural, our first visit to the island was somewhat of a random decision. “At the time, we hadn’t been on vacation in five years,” Mark explains. “I told Sarah I wanted to go on a trip that would really change my life—I had envisioned a voyage across Europe or something really grand, but we didn’t want to leave the country. Sarah brought up Key West because it’s warm and it’s about as far south as you can get without leaving the U.S. We were living in this tiny little hamlet and it was winter and it was cold and during the off-season there’s just nothing—everything shuts down. We loved the island and the people of Key West. As soon as we returned to upstate New York, we booked our next trip back to Key West within a few days and we kept coming back. Prior to our third year vacationing down here, we decided to look for a place to buy. When you say things out loud the universe provides; we came down prepared to purchase a house and we found one right away.”

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