The Key West Collective Art Gallery and Studio

The Key West Collective Art Gallery and Studio

The Key West Collective
720 Caroline Street
Key West, Florida 33040
(305) 395-1161

A beautifully curated local art gallery owned by Rachel E Ligon filled with a collective of talented artists inspired by Key West.
Located just right off Duval Street in the Historic Seaport Area in Old Town.

At a time when younger entrepreneurs are finding it harder, if not impossible, to get their businesses off the ground in one of the most expensive cities in the country, Key West photographer Rachel E. Ligon has successfully staked her claim in the Southernmost City.

Ligon has shown that hard work, while taking risks, can pay off and allow a person to have a dream job in an island town. Ligon has worked her way up the ranks in the competitive Key West wedding photography business and has expanded her ventures, turning what would be hobbies for most into profitable businesses.

The Key West Collective currently features 24 artists including such renowned local artists as Marky Pierson, Carrie Disrud, Debie Fritts, Nicole Miller and local celebrated authors like David Sloan. The collective also features regularly scheduled classes where people can meet and learn techniques from artists.

“The space is more than a gallery and offers a space for community,” she said.

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