Ariella Hogen Key West Artist

Ariella Hogen Pottery - Key West Collective

Key West Collective
720 Caroline Street
Key West, Florida 33040
(305) 395-1161

Ariella Hogen Key West Artist

Ariella Hogen was born and raised in Israel. She arrived in the 
US during the 1970’s and had a successful modeling career in NYC. In the 1980’s she moved to LA and began creating costume jewelry for the Hollywood elite. In 1989 Ariella settled in Key West and became a regular at the Sunset Celebration in Mallory Square. Her pottery is inspired by the diverse colors of the sunset and Florida Keys. For 26 years Ariella’s pottery creations have been
featured in various galleries and shops. She currently creates all pieces here at the Florida Community College Pottery Center.
She is most sought after at the Collective for her one of kind cigar and sea life cigar pottery pieces. They sell out very fast!

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Hi. Passed by your gallery, but not enough time to go inside. A small windiw featured VERY uniquely glazed pieces…vases ?or mugs? Could not make out.
Can I get a better look? Can you add cost?
Thanks, jax


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