Artist Christian Bergeron

Artist Christian Bergeron

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Artist Christian Bergeron
Christian born in Clermont, Quebec, Christian Bergeron is an established fine art painter with over 45 years of experience. He skillfully blends nature and culture, the contemporary and the traditional in his luminous landscape paintings. Working over the last ten years on his own ‘prismatic’ style, Christian combines the linear composition of architectural design and the kaleidoscopic perspective of contemporary art. He has developed into one of Canada’s most sought after contemporary fine art painters.

Known for his mastery of the spatula and his bright, contrasting colour palettes, Christian Bergeron draws inspiration from his native Quebec and his world travels.

Embodying an essence of Quebec culture and landscapes, Bergeron’s work was featured on the cover of William Burg’s book, “Literature and Painting in Quebec”.

Today, the work of Christian Bergeron adorning the walls of art lovers throughout the world and he has exhibited widely throughout Canada and the United States.
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