CINDY WYNN Key West Artist

CINDY WYNN Key West Artist

Gallery On Greene
606 Greene Street
Key West, FL 33040
(305) 304.2323

CINDY WYNN Key West Artist

The first chair I designed happened in a sculpture class 25 years ago. It was meant as a joke but became my life work. I have become fascinated with chairs more and more as the years pass. Chairs are the seat of civilization.

One thing you cannot see from the photos is when a person interacts with my chairs, ie sits down, their perceptions go into free fall, changing them, if just for that moment. I have always thought of this as the true function of art. This seems to happen because of the way I build them; the seat moving and cradling each person differently, in direct contrast to the brutalist visage.

The moment I stepped into a scrapyard I was amazed at the myriad of shapes. I tend to shop instinctively, then later see what the metal compels me to configure. I collect and hoard materials from all over the country, like a tiny dragon, only using them when the moment is right.

Technically I use very simple cold fabrication processes: welding, torch cutting, and grinding.

My design inspiration includes 18th C furniture design, Brutalist architecture and a lifetime of fascination with science fiction and anime.
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