HANDBAGS Carrie Hall Key West Artist

HANDBAGS Carrie Hall

Key West Collective
720 Caroline Street
Key West, Florida 33040
(305) 395-1161

Carrie Hall Key West Artist Making Leather Handbags
Met an unforgettable woman in a leather shop in Chang Mai Thailand…bought a small wristlet from her. Then on a flight to New Orleans to see her parents and on the flight had the wristlet on my lap, she had this overwhelming feeling to learn how to make bags…The name came first; Mae Lou after her grandmothers, Nellie Mae and Lou, both of which were incredible seamstresses. Nellie Mae passed away during that trip, and she knew then the dream had to come true… She bought a sweing machine, taught herself how to sew, and Mae Lou Designs was born.

Lou is 92 and rocks a Mae Lou and tells everyone she meets her granddaughter made her bag and the business is named after her.
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