Key West Artist Jasmine Jones and Katlin Spain

Key West Artist Jasmine Jones and Katlin Spain

Conchita Studio Key West
291 Front Street, Suite 114
Key West, FL 33040
(305) 767- 3209
Key West Artist
Jasmine Jones and Katlin Spain

 Jasmine Jones Key West Artist Jasmine Jones
Born and raised here in Key West, Jones grew up immersed in color. From the vibrant flora and fauna that thrive on the island, to the picturesque sunsets and ocean seascapes, there was always plenty to draw inspiration from.
She creates her artwork using a combination of alcohol inks, acrylic paint and resin layers to create a body of work with a greater depth than traditional two dimensional paintings. Her paintings focus on vibrant colors, particularly the blues of the ocean, from which the name of the studio is derived.

 Katlin Spain
Originally from Kansas, Spain immediately fell in love with Key West.

In her studio practice, Spain works to deconstruct familiar shapes & associations by changing their colors, textures, & patterns. She carefully curates them into landscape-like environments where these new objects can coexist.

It is in these vivid other-worldly scenes that the viewer can allow themselves to exist in a land of the sweetness & the phenomena of the 'new.' 
Katlin Spain

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