LANCE BERRY Key West Artist

LANCE BERRY Key West Artist

1107 Key Plaza #205 Key West FL 33040
P: (305) 724-8796
LANCE BERRY Key West Artist

Lance Berry lives and works in Key West, Florida. Berry refers to his painting practice as
‘unbridled art’ which requires large, loose brush strokes and highly saturated colors to
enhance contrast and draw the eye. Berry utilizes acrylics with modeling paint for his
canvas painting en plein air to give it thick texture, and he utilizes an outdoor acrylic/latex
paint for his murals. Selected Solo exhibitions include “Clé” (2018-Present), “Key West City
Hall” (2020), and “Southernmost Beach Café” (2018-Present) in Key West, Florida. Berry
received nomination and was a Finalist for a “Bubba Award” (2018) in Best Artist, alongside
Wyland and Rick Worth.


I create art that encapsulates the feeling of a tropical moment, like how you feel after a summer breeze or a rain shower — refreshed and smiling with an overall feeling of joy. My mission when creating is to make my viewers smile just by simply viewing. I do this through a technique/style I developed which I call ‘unbridled art’. It is basically an impressionistic way of painting — quick and expressive using my medium of choice, acrylics and modeling paste, in an effort to try to capture the essence and deep feeling of my surroundings or my subjects. Living in Key West, Florida surrounded with constant geocentric inspiration, one would be correct in assuming I paint palms, sunsets, conch-homes and a mired of sea creatures and the like…but my work is anything but typical. Through my body of work, a
common theme will appear. I call this “The 3 Bs”— that’s Big, Bright, and Bold! The theme grew into these staples through a series of self-taught methodology; basically trial-and-error. I paint “Big” through the use of large, painterly, expressive brush strokes that dance throughout my paintings with limited restraints. Using highly saturated tones and extreme contrasts, along with composition and warped perspectives, creates
vibrant “Bold” colors to help push the eye and convey my messages in the paintings. Overall, my paintings are “Bright” and cheery, mixed with a focused realism and a subjective, impressionistic feel. The effect of these combined elements is a delightful, whimsical feel that can transport the viewer into a moment of awe and wonderment. Many have asked, ‘how do you know when the painting is finished?’, and I alwaysrespond the same… “When it makes me  smile.”

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