PAINTER Carrie Disrud

PAINTER Carrie Disrud - Key West Collective

Key West Collective
720 Caroline Street
Key West, Florida 33040
(305) 395-1161

PAINTER Carrie Disrud - Key West Artist

Carrie attended several colleges: Grand Rapids Junior College, Merrill Fashion Institute and Ohio State University. Her early work was with Herman Miller as a space planner and office systems illustrations. She worked as a fashion illustrator for Billy Falcon House of Fashions & Designs. Her art career began in earnest in 1984 when she showed her first self-taught works (sculpture, furniture & paintings) in galleries in Chicago, Saugatuck, MI, Indiana, and Key West. In 1992 she and her husband Thomas, opened Kalypso Gallery, a fun spirited gallery with paintings, sculptures, and artier. 

“My work is definitely soulful, sometimes mystical or cryptic, but always me. I am strong, a caregiver, a painter, designer, teacher, and a believer that the world can change for the greater good. I hope you can see these in these colors in my work” 

Carrie Disrud, Art from Blue McGill on Vimeo.


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