Tom Avery is an artist and an artisan working in Key West.

Tom Avery is an artist and an artisan working in Key West.


Tom Avery is an artist and an artisan working in Key West. His art is all one of a kind, from bowls & furniture to paintings & pen & ink. His paintings on swordfish bills are very popular. He also is a shipwright and has done work on the Schooner Wolf and thousands of other vessels.

Tom's talent for building started early and he built his first cabin at 8 years old. His skill increased as he built a 12 x 12 one-room cabin with the help of a neighbor when only 10 years old. This structure lasted until a large tree fell on it, 29 years later. At 14 years old, Tom's parents gave him his first oil painting set and he was supported by private lessons through high school. He continued to hone his craft in university at Appalachian State University from 1982 to 1989.

Today Tom splits his time doing art and artfully making a living. From teak decks on yachts to small simplistic Jamaican Dogwood benches; from 108-foot varnished toe rails to small mahogany plates for utilitarian use. From uniquely carved women's figures to custom galley cabinets and custom countertops. Tom still paints on occasion, but it is continually harder to find the time between daily yacht jobs and his love of the last 6 years, wooden art. These pieces range from the almost 300 hand-carved wooden bowls from locally felled tropical trees to large dining room tables from these same tree slabs. These pieces can range from very whimsical free-flowing pieces of floatsum to very high end fully polished museum-quality arrangements.

Tom is a talented artist who has found his niche in utilitarian and decorative woodworking. He has crafted custom teak decks for yachts, benches made from Jamaican Dogwood, pieces inspired by local sculptures of women figures, huge varnished toe rails, and mahogany plates. In addition to all these items, the versatile artist manages to make time for passion projects like hand-carved wooden bowls and painting--a hobby he's been doing for the last six years. Tom's portfolio is truly impressive as it showcases many unique pieces ranging from whimsical free-flowing floatsum to polished works fit for museums.


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