Key West Art by Artist Alisa Mealor

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Alisa Mealor has had the unique privilege of visiting places all around the globe. She was originally from the midwest of the United States, but opportunities brought her to England and allowed her greater
access to other destinations. By her mid-twenties, she had already established a profound bond with traveling; this passionate relationship has tremendously impacted her artwork today as it is inspired by designs, cultures and landscapes she has encountered. When she landed in Key West, Florida in 1994, she sensed it was the ideal place to develop as an artist. With a lively arts scene and stunning natural beauty, this wonderful destination has been her home for almost three decades. Artist Alisa Mealor has been creating Key West Art, in Florida since 1994. She is well-known for her eclectic artistic style, which features bright colors and intricate designs. Her work spans a range of mediums, including acrylics, inks, watercolors, prints and woodcut reliefs. Drawing influence from her lush island home and extensive explorations abroad, Alisa creates pieces that explore culture, humanity and the natural world. Alisa Mealor's background as a self-taught artist has enabled her to gain recognition through two Anne McKee grant awards. Her works have been displayed at Stone Soup and Salt galleries in Key West and featured in group shows at The Studios of Key West. She is a tremendous asset to the Key West community and has demonstrated astounding creativity in her artworks.